How to maximise the SEO value of images on your website

The words people use when searching on the internet are becoming more specific. And they are using a number of different devices to do so.

At the same time search engines have also become more sophisticated and keywords need to reflect this. For instance, when once someone may have keyed in ‘Ladies shoes’ they will now type ‘Sensible low price ladies walking shoes’ to get a better result. 

To give your brand the best chance of success with SEO in relation to images you need to optimise the illustrations and photos you use.


Are viewers watching all of your video advert?

Think of your marketing video as a popular television programme. You want people to watch it from beginning to end, so you need to catch the viewer’s attention right at the start and maintain it throughout.

Don’t fall into the trap of concentrating so much on your message that you forget who your target audience is. You need to make sure your video is visually stimulating and enjoyable so the viewer, your potential customer, keeps watching to the end.