Working on your content marketing strategy?

Content marketing should be an integral part of your marketing strategy. This should involve building a ‘story’ around your brand, using social media and other internet tools to enhance your presence. The message needn’t be a hard sell but a mixture of information and interest which will lead back to what you offer.

To do this successfully you need to involve your marketing team to the full and keep everyone aware of the ongoing content marketing process and results. We recommend you to utilise an editorial calendar so projects can be documented and success quantified. Treat content marketing as part of your business plan, setting goals by the month and/or quarter so the team knows what the targets are.

One text a day

Try to aim for at least one informative text every day and in addition three or four posts on different social media sites. The main text should be promoted and enlarged upon in the various posts. And all should link to each other.

Feedback from all these should be noted and reported to quantify what kind of response you are getting, ideally leading to interest in your product or service. Results for each post should be constantly documented. It would be useful to keep a record of responses by the day, month and even year.

It’s important to keep written reports of feedback and traffic so you can see how your strategy is evolving. The whole team needs to know how your content marketing is working. In this way, if the work needs to be handed over to someone new, they will be able to take over more easily. And regular team meetings will keep everybody up to date.

Indication of success

An indication of success would be an increase in lead generation and sales. And if you decide to increase your spend on content marketing there should be a corresponding increase in profit at the end of the year to indicate you’re moving in the right direction.

In creating your brand image, try to find a relevant story to tell. Your content should fall into two types. One should be semi-permanent and appear on your website and app and relate topics which are general and not time-critical. The other should be something current, for example a hot news item or something relating to current celebrity gossip.

This could appear on a sidebar, or perhaps utilise an RSS (really simple syndication) feed. And this will need to be updated regularly as the news or topic changes.

The wording you use is crucial to grab the interest of a casual reader. Give your topics headlines which make people want to read on. For example, ‘Vegetables are good for you’ won’t attract as much interest as ‘Eating spinach will prolong your life’. Or some marketers recommend lists, for example, ‘Six vegetables which will prolong your life’.

Writing and designing

Depending on the size of your company and skills of your team, you may need to hire writers and graphic designers to give your content marketing the best possible outcome. And possibly someone to check and edit too. You will need thumbnail images for each title and ideally infographics and images to illustrate the main article. And you may need to task someone to research statistics and related information. And check everything before you publish; all your information should be accurate and up-to-date.

Promote and backlink

You can link any number of social media accounts to publicise your content automatically as soon as it’s online.
And although you want people to concentrate on your own site, linking to other relevant sites will add interest to your message. And if you are a guest blogger, you can link back and forth to your published articles on your own and other sites.

Following these guidelines you will have facilitated a chain of information, comment and interest, all leading back to your product or service.
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