Are viewers watching all of your video advert?

Think of your marketing video as a popular television programme. You want people to watch it from beginning to end, so you need to catch the viewer’s attention right at the start and maintain it throughout.

Don’t fall into the trap of concentrating so much on your message that you forget who your target audience is. You need to make sure your video is visually stimulating and enjoyable so the viewer, your potential customer, keeps watching to the end.

A good marketing video will often feature something striking which is nothing to do with the product or service being promoted. Some will leave any mention of the product until the end, having kept the viewer’s attention throughout. In other words try to distract and amuse before you inform.
Examples of this from British ads are a woolly Monkey advertising tea, and Twerking advertising a price comparison website. In both cases the characters featured have become popular in their own right. The product can seem almost incidental. Even an ad for a small company can bring in an amusing distraction: the way someone is dressed or an unusual environment for the product.

The clock is ticking…

With YouTube ads you have very little time to grab the viewer’s attention. A few seconds is better than none at all but you need to try and encourage the viewer to watch the whole video. And pay attention to the beginning. Even if the rest of the video is well made and interesting people won’t carry on watching if the first part is boring. Like a headline and first paragraph of a newspaper article or the first few lines of a short story, the reader needs to want to read on.

The marketing writer can often get too close to his or her subject and won’t necessarily consider what other people find amusing or interesting. Keep in mind which group of people you are aiming at. And that applies to images too.

Sustaining interest

Novelists often say that sustaining the interest and plot in the middle of a book can be tough. Similarly the middle part of a video can be the trickiest to write. Keep it focused on your message and bring in something surprising you haven’t mentioned before, or a different aspect of the product or service you are offering. And keep it interesting and watchable.

End on a high note:

And don’t ignore the ending. This should maintain the impact of the beginning and middle and give the viewer an upbeat and memorable impression of your product or service. Ideally you want to leave your viewer with a desire to act on what they have seen. You may come up with two or three ideas for endings. Share them with colleagues and see what others think.

And once the video script is complete don’t stop after your first attempt. Read it through, pass it to others to check. There’s nearly always room for improvement. Make the amendments then read it through again.

Surprise, amuse, but inform:

In short, marketing videos should be watchable, surprising and/or amusing, but contain information about your product which your potential customers will want to act on.

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